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 All of our screened leafguard products are expanded steel mesh finished in black with powder coating for a low-profile and durable, yet economical product. The screen is installed under the shingle in the back and screwed to the front lip of the gutters to protect them from large debris. Hole pattern is approximately 1/8", resisting large debris that can build up quickly, reducing capacity and performance. Screened design allows for occasional rinsing of debris without removal.

For particularly problematic trees such as pines, pecans and oaks, we recommend upgrading to our double-screened product comprised basically of the product described above with a finer stainless steel screen overlay, also in low-profile black.

Hooded Leaf Guard

The truth: There are an array of solid metal covers with the curved front marketed under a variety of names, and they all work well in theory, but seldom in reality.  Few roofs have smooth and even water flow, especially in valleys.  Even for those that do, it has been our experience that the debris seems to become flexible from exposure to water, and "flows" right in.  Systems with hooded leaf guard WILL clog, and are more difficult to service than than other, mesh-based products.  We do offer hooded leaf guard, and guarantee that it will be installed to manufacturer specifications, but issues with function or design will be referred directly to the manufacturer.

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