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With over 20 years of experience, we are North Texas’ one-stop rain gutters and accessories shop. Whether you need a new guttering system or improvements and service to your existing gutters, we have what you need.

On average, our area receives over 35 inches of rainfall annually. Seamless gutters help to usher harmful storm water away from the most vulnerable areas such as the doors, windows, foundation and landscaping. A well-designed, properly functioning rain gutter system is a critical component in your first-line of defense against a host of invaders determined to rob your home of its value.


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Water-related damage, such as erosion, mold, foundation movement, and even termites cause billions of dollars in damage annually and may threaten to compromise the safety and integrity of your family home. These damages are not typically covered by the average homeowner’s insurance policy… Consider it to be an ounce of prevention when compared to the repair costs associated with symptoms of water damage.

To further preserve the appearance and function of your guttering system, we offer a wide range of services and gutter accessories, from simple cleanings and leaf-guards to decorative collector heads and rain-harvesting barrels, all in a versatile palette of colors.

Insured for your protection.


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From basic gutter installation and service to specialty guttering and accessories, Granbury Gutters is a full service company specializing in seamless guttering systems and accessories.​

[tlg_intro_content layout=”box-top” btn_size=”btn-sm” button_icon_hover=”yes” button_layout=”btn btn-primary-line btn-rounded” image=”8286″ title=”Traditional Gutters” btn_text=”Learn more” icon=”ti-angle-right” title_link=”|title:Traditional%20Gutters”]Traditional gutters come in pre-cut sections that are easy to assemble, but those sections must be sealed or soldered at the joints. Sectioned gutters are available in a variety of materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, and vinyl.[/tlg_intro_content]
[tlg_intro_content layout=”box-top” btn_size=”btn-sm” button_icon_hover=”yes” button_layout=”btn btn-primary-line btn-rounded” image=”8315″ title=”Half Round Gutters” btn_text=”Learn more” icon=”ti-angle-right” title_link=”|title:Half%20Round%20Gutters”]Prior to the arrival of the seamless gutter machine in the late 1960s, other types of systems were utilized to catch and drain rainwater. On older homes, much of this was done by half-round gutters.[/tlg_intro_content]
[tlg_intro_content layout=”box-top” btn_size=”btn-sm” button_icon_hover=”yes” button_layout=”btn btn-primary-line btn-rounded” image=”8316″ title=”Leaf Guards” btn_text=”Learn more” icon=”ti-angle-right” title_link=”|title:Leaf%20Guards”]All gutters carry water away from your home, but only Leaf Guard does it with a patented, debris shedding design that is better than any other gutter guard on the market today.[/tlg_intro_content]
[tlg_intro_content layout=”box-top” btn_size=”btn-sm” button_icon_hover=”yes” button_layout=”btn btn-primary-line btn-rounded” image=”8528″ title=”General Services” btn_text=”Learn more” icon=”ti-angle-right” title_link=”|title:General%20Services”]We offer our customers the option of repairs, complete gutter cleaning and inspection packages. We provide you with professional gutter cleaning services for commercial as well as residential purposes.[/tlg_intro_content]
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