Half Round Gutters

Half Round Gutters
Half Round Gutters:

Prior to the arrival of the seamless gutter machine in the late 1960s, other types of systems were utilized to catch and drain rainwater. On older homes, much of this was done by half-round gutters.

The system is as its name. It features a smooth, half-round surface instead of the square K-style. Besides the standard aluminum, they come in other materials, including copper and galvanized metal.

This type of gutter system was widely used in Europe and eventually made its way to the U.S. Today, owners of older classic homes request these gutters. They feel they’re more stylish as well as esthetically appealing. In addition, since half-round gutters are made with different materials, they mesh better with home exteriors. Furthermore, these types of gutters may be a requirement if you are refurbishing a home that is part of a historic registry.

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